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1 less outdoor activities 2 inability to communicate

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1. Less outdoor activities. 2. Inability to communicate with others in person. 3. Social networking playing a part in political uprisings. B. Positive changes in our culture due to social networking. 1. Quicker form of communication. 2. More advertising options for businesses.
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VII. Implications for the environment. (Angela) A. Environmental-friendly education. 1. Mass communication without the waste of precious resources. 2. Tips and instructions on how to reuse. VIII. Moral and Ethical Implications of social networking. (Amber) A. Reputation 1. Personal. 2. Professional. B. Privacy. 1. Snooping. 2. Data mining. C. Employers and social networking. 1. Used for job selection. 2. Jobs prohibit the use by employees. D. Copyright infringement. Technology has its pros and its cons, but at the end of the day, we are a generation that depends on technology whether it’s for work, school, communicating, and pleasure. Technology will continue to grow and we will continue to grow with it, technology is here to stay and will continue to stay forever.
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