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Stewardship 2 24 stewardship reflects the army

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STEWARDSHIP 2-24. Stewardship reflects the Army professional’s responsibilities to the Army and Nation. As professionals, we remain responsible for today's missions, even as we build a
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Our Profession 7 November 2012 ADP 1, C1 2-9 better Army for tomorrow. We ensure that our profession is capable of succeeding in whatever missions our Nation gives us in the future. Through stewardship, Army professionals commit to the long-term effectiveness of the profession. 2-25. To be an Army professional and a steward of the profession is not just a job, it is an office. The office Army professionals enter upon swearing the oath is not our physical workspace; it is our ethical workspace. The oaths taken by Army officers and Army Civilians conclude with “...and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office [emphasis added] upon which I am about to enter”. Title 10, United States Code, contains our explicit responsibilities as cited in paragraph 1-18. We provide highly effective landpower for whatever purpose the Nation requires. In practical terms, our public accounting as a profession occurs when the Nation calls us to accomplish the Army mission: to fight and win our Nation’s wars. Stewardship therefore involves a subordination of all Army leaders, civilian and military, to the larger responsibilities of the profession: being the stewards of the trust between the Army and American people. C IVIL -M ILITARY R ELATIONS + 2-26. Military professionals also have a stewardship responsibility for the relationship between the military and civilian leadership of the Army. Civilian control of the military is embedded in our Constitution and serves as the cornerstone of our military. Military professionals understand this and appreciate the critical role this concept has played throughout our history. Equally important, this concept requires that military professionals understand the role of our civilian leaders and their responsibilities to the civilian leadership. Military professionals have unique expertise, and their input is vital to formulating and executing effective defense policy. A RMY P ROFESSIONALS AND THE N ATION ± 2-27. Army professionals have a dual charge. On the one hand, we Army professionals defend the Nation from danger by applying landpower when and where directed by civilian authority. On the other hand, we are also citizens whose strength of character exemplifies the ideals espoused by our ethos. By living our values, we extend the character of our profession far beyond active service.
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