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There is just no such thing certainly there is no

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There is just no such thing. Certainly there is no evidence the animal pelvis rotated 90 degrees to produce the upright man, nor can any animal reason or think. (Letter to the Editor, Calgary Herald , January 3, 1983) Appeal to ignorance, ad hominem 19. We must keep the classics of European thought at the core of our college curriculum. If we continue to move our curriculum in a multicultural direction, quality will be sacrificed in the name of diversity and pretty soon we’ll be treating pop music and pulp fiction as serious art. Slippery slope 20. I was appalled to read that golfer Casey Martin, who has a circulatory leg ailment, won his case and will be allowed to compete in PGA tournaments using a golf cart [NOTEBOOK, Feb. 16]. I am wheel-chair bound with muscular dystrophy, and some time ago, I had to abandon my chosen sport of riding and show jumping. Too bad I never thought of suing the American Horse Shows Association for the right to compete with a seat belt on the saddle. All over the county disabled athletes have competed vigorously in their own sports groups. They didn’t expect major sports to adapt to them, but came up with methods to compete in their own way with no special dispensations. If Martin wants to play golf, he can easily go to municipal or club courses, where almost everyone uses a golf cart. This guy deserves the Twit of the Year award. (Elizabeth P. West, Letter to the Editor, Time , Mar. 16, 1998) Ad hominem, false analogy, ? 21. Background : A judge stated that the herbicides 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T were safe when he issued a judgement in favor of a corporation and against property owners who tried to prevent spraying near their homes. In the wake of this judgment, the following letter to the Toronto Globe and Mail appeared on Oct. 31, 1983: “It is obvious that most reporters and editorial and letters writers either have not read Judge Merlin Nunn’s decision or their reading comprehension scores are abysmally low. He was unequivocal in clearly stating the herbicides 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T were safe for proper use. This legal case exposed the views of many well- known people and scientists testifying for both parties, and the decision was clearly in accord with independent, open scientific reviews held in many countries over the past 15 years. We should all be pleased that one perceived problem has been proved false, so we can concentrate on solving Canada’s real ones.” (From Trudy Govier, A Practical Study of Argument ) Appeal to false authority, ad hominem 22. The vast majority of members in the American Medical Association think chiropractors are quacks. That’s why I’m so suspect of them. Appeal to false authority 4
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23. Pope John Paul II clearly stated in his Evangelium Vitae , that abortion is “the unspeakable crime” no matter what the circumstances of the pregnancy--even life- threatening; and, therefore, abortion must be wrong. How could the Pope possibly be wrong; he is infallible in all matters of faith. Begging the question,
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There is just no such thing Certainly there is no evidence...

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