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Question 12 1 / 1 pts The INTRODUCTION section of a journal paper like Sallis' "Co-benefits of designing communities for active living" typically accomplishes what goal or goals? an overview of all of the findings of the paper an introduction simply introduces the idea of the paper introducing the topic, presenting a hypothesis, explaining how to test the hypothesis Correct! explaining the aim of the paper, drawing the reader into the general topic, and present a brief overview of prior publications on the topic The INTRODUCTION section of journal articles typically (although not always) tries to accomplish three objectives. First, the reader is drawn into the general topic, in this case the plague of physical inactivity globally. Second, the reader is presented with some of the prior publications on the topic (in this case, all of those numbers are the way the articles are cited in this particular journal). Third, the reader is presented with the aim of the paper -- in this case "to compile evidence about the relationship of activity-friendly environmental attributes to multiple potential outcomes."
Question 13 1 / 1 pts Physical inactivity accounts for ______deaths annually worldwide.
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Correct! 5 million 1 million 5 thousand Most people are not sufficiently active, and physical activity is declining in many countries.This is a global problem with the biggest burden in low and middle income countries. Increasing physical activity is a priority of the United Nations through its noncommunicable disease initiative. Question 14 1 / 1 pts The RESULTS section of the journal paper "Co-benefits of designing communities for active living" has a very specific function. What is the results section trying to achieve?
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