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10 format of the examination paper the examination

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10 FORMAT OF THE EXAMINATION PAPER The examination paper consists of FOUR questions worth 25 marks each. One question is compulsory , and you are required to answer only TWO of the remaining three questions. The questions may be subdivided into shorter paragraph-type questions. The total marks for this examination paper are therefore 75 (3 x 25). The duration of the examination is TWO hours. 11 PREVIOUS EXAMINATION PAPERS Examination papers for previous years are not available for this module. 12 DEMARCATION OF TUTORIAL MATTER FOR THE EXAMINATION AND THE COMPLETION OF ASSIGNMENTS You will be examined only on those sections which are specified in the study guide for study purposes. You will, however, have to work through the complete study guide in order to identify the “study” sections. 13 TUTORIAL SUPPORT Unisa offers Tutorial support in various forms to students. One of these is the availability of tutors. Tutors are currently available at a number of Unisa and community based centres, however, tutors have not been appointed for all modules. If you want to enquire about the availability of tutors for this module you can contact the Directorate TSDL at: Address Contact number Electronic Postal address: TSDL PO Box 392 Unisa 0003 Physical address: AJH van der Walt Building Room 1-04 Unisa Muckleneuk Campus Preller Street Muckleneuk UNISA Telephone number: (012) 429-3619 Fax number: (012) 429-8565 E-mail: [email protected] Internet website: You can visit the website at www.unisa.ac.za. (Go to “Departments” scroll down and select “services” and find “Tutorial services, discussion classes and work-integrated learning (TSDL) on the right-hand side, then click on “Division of Tutorial Support Services”)
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7 MNH306-K/101 0003 14 DISCUSSION CLASSES There will be no discussion classes for this module. 15 CONCLUDING REMARKS You should now have a good idea of what lies ahead in this module. We trust that you will approach your studies with enthusiasm. Should you experience any problems of an academic nature, you are welcome to contact us. Good luck with your studies! COMPENSATION MANAGEMENT LECTURERS DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Unisa
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8 APPENDIX A - ASSIGNMENTS 1 GENERAL Please consult Tutorial Letter MNALLE-Q/301/4/2008 about the following: answering essay questions administrative requirements for assignments extension of time for submitting assignments key concepts for examining 2 ASSIGNMENTS (A) Compulsory assignments The compulsory assignments comprise 10 multiple-choice questions each. The total marks for each assignment are 10. You have to submit either Assignment 01 or Assignment 02 ON TIME to be admitted to the examination. ASSIGNMENT 01 First semester Second semester Due date Unique number Due date Unique number 1 March 2008 513358 1 August 2008 309881 This assignment consists of 10 multiple-choice questions. You can use the official Unisa mark-reading sheet when submitting this assignment, or you can submit it on
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10 FORMAT OF THE EXAMINATION PAPER The examination paper...

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