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Interest is irradiated with a focused pulse from an

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interest is irradiated with a focused pulse from an infrared laser The light Jose melts a small circle of the film, binding to the cells underneath- laser capture micro dissection Can be used to analyze cells from different areas of a tumor due to different properties and molecular composition to compare with normal cells Cells grown in culture Cells grown in culture provide more homogeneous population of cells Can analyze the effects of adding/removing specific molecules Can study the mixture of two different types of cells In vitro - in glass/test tube with no living cells In vivo - in the living organism All cells other than bacteria need to grow on a solid surface Usually consists of poly lying or extracellular components Callus- producing a mass of relatively undifferentiated cells Proliferation The limited proliferation capacity reflects a progressive shortening/uncapping of telomeres Human somatic cells telomeres shorten with every cell division because they turn off the production of the enzyme telomerase
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