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E55-2010 problem set 01 KEY

This scenario once the eye progenitor was removed

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this scenario, once the eye progenitor was removed, this absence was ‘sensed’ in some manner by the embryo and led to regulatory events that effectively replaced the missing tissue. A mosaic mechanism would be suggested if removal of the eye progenitor at this particular developmental stage led to an absence of an eye; in this case, the future eye is autonomous from the rest of the embryo, suggesting that only the eye progenitor is capable of becoming eye (perhaps through the inheritance of particular determinants). 6. What technology could you use to test if your chosen eye progenitor gene is necessary for eye formation. Clearly state one possible phenotype that you would predict if your eye is necessary, one possible phenotype if your gene is not necessary. You could knockdown the eye progenitor gene using a technology such as antisense morpholino knockdown. To do this you would inject the morpholino oligonucleotide into the fertilized embryo and then look at the effect on eye development. If your gene is necessary, you might expect to find that the eyes of injected embryos fail to form; conversely, if your gene is not necessary, you might expect to see that eye development is completely normal.
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