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ppe 497 lab 1 write up

It will be measure in a supine position following a 5

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It will be measure in a supine position following a 5 minute rest period. Next those values (HR and BP) will be recorded upon standing right after the supine measurements are done. Finally, HR and BP will be measured every minute during a 5 minute cycling exercise at 50rpm. Results Here are the heart rates for individuals in a supine position. Here are the heart rates for the individuals in the last two minutes of cycling. Here are the heart rates for individuals that are in a standing position. Discussion 1. There were many changes that occurred in HR and BP in response to body position and cycling. Heart rates were lower in a supine position than in a standing position. Heart rates were highest during low intensity exercise. Blood pressure was higher in the individuals who participated in the low intensity exercise than people who did not. 2. The possible physiological reasons for these changes is that as you increase your workout intensity your body needs to supply more blood to the working muscles so that they are receiving oxygen. To do this you need to have more contractions in the heart to pump blood to the working muscles. The differences seen in the heart rate (supine to standing) can be attributed to gravity. When you stand your body has to take into account the force of gravity and thus you will have a higher heart rate. 3. Yes, I did see different resting HR sequences by using the different counting regimens. I think it will be appropriate to use some of these when time is important. For example, If you are conducting an experiment where you need to get someone’s pulse after every minute it would be more feasible to either use the 10 second reading and multiply by 6 than to sit there for a whole minute when you have to get the reading again relatively soon. Conclusion My finding directly corresponded to what I stated in my purpose. Your Heart rate and Blood pressure does fluctuate depending on the position you are in and the activities you are doing.
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