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Appia illustrates how certain aspects of life becomes

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a better way of thinking. Appia illustrates how certain aspects of life becomes a norm whereas others perceive these actions as appalling. “Many Americans eat pigs but won’t eat cats. It would be hard to make the case that cats are, say, dirtier or more intelligent that pigs. And since there are societies where people still eat cats, we know that it is possible for human beings to eat them with pleasure and without danger. Most American meat eaters who refuse to eat cats have only the defense that the very thought of it fills them with disgust.” (Apia 20) With the incorporation of the military Soldier and Family into other countries helps facilitate the introduction for a new way of thinking and accepting cultures from around the world. Year after year, cultures have tolerated and accepted each entity of existence through the military involvement and will continue to have a positive impact through relationships and child birth. With the interactions of multiple cultures through the merger of the military family and lifestyles is causing indigenize will allow those to incorporate new cultural values and messages into the local culture. The military will connect and culture is no longer linked to towns, cities, or nations for their involvement in educating and accepting social norms across the globe. Appiah is making his statement that the world is of multiple different groups for which practice and conduct business in ways traditions normal for their culture, but completely not understood in other styles of living. Like Foer, globalization exists in Appiah essay, in that over time the tribes and cultures begin to form with the differences inherited over time. The transformation for culture is analyzed in levels of dimension in that humans relate to nature and to life. Over time and within countries, humans will produce goods and eventually exchange the items for the evaluation and for the use. Through rituals and symbols, humans bring structure social relationships to build community and celebrate it as well. More communities around America
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Appia illustrates how certain aspects of life becomes a...

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