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EN 234 Week 3 Discussion

The younger waiter said the old man “was in

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Unformatted text preview: The younger waiter said the old man “was in despair” about “nothing”. Both waiters are just talking about the old man and his suicide attempt like it was a sport or they were just having a pleasant chat over coffee. I feel the old man and older waiter are dealing with despair because neither of them like going home at night and like staying at the bar. I feel these adjectives best fit the story because it makes you see that one person is in a hurry all the time and doesn't care about the people around him while the other person is more compassionate and lives life more slowly and is open to helping people. And then you have the old man who is in despair and people know his story but yet nobody steps up to ask him what’s wrong or if they could help. It’s actually really sad and I feel that this story reflects the real world and how many people treat each other. At least one response must be posted by Wednesday, and the second one by Friday. Post a Peer Response to at least two of your classmates' responses on the Discussion Thread by Saturday....
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