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Aztecs 1325 1590 ad check date comes in pretty late

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AZTECS 1325 – 1590 a.d. (*check date) –comes in pretty late after the rise and fall of maya -their art is very distinctive in terra cota and stone carvings -iconography is bringing them together into single -capital, TZINTZUNTZAN- built in a wetland in the middle of the lake that produced a beautiful surrounding landscape in the Aztec world. European exploration in 1492 and Spanish explorers were astonished by what they saw. they wrote about in pictures!!!! -a lot of the allies that did not like the Aztecs formed alliance with Spanish explorers and took down Aztecs and they flattened all the pyramids and everything there. But in the end, the Spanish took control of everything there. -people ate insects and grubs from the surrounding lakes! And they are a wonderful protein! -aztecs also had a elaborate writing system but not as complex as the mayas. -aztecs did rituals in the most gruesome ways and the Spanish were not fond of this. 1. The violence and political authority goes all the way back to the complex societies in Mesoamerica. The idea of sanction and celebrated violence was just part of it. 2. The Spanish had their political violence known as the Spanish Inquistion! It is kind of ironic how they saw this was unacceptable when they were doing something bad back at home. -end of Aztecs in 1519!
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