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Monkey and gilgameshs quests for immortality begin

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Monkey and Gilgamesh’s quests for immortality begin somewhat differently. After seeing and hearing about what death has done to his best friend Enkidu, Gilgamesh is determined to escape the woes of death through the seemingly perfect promises of immortality and godly status. Monkey, who has already achieved a royal title amongst his fellow monkeys go in search of immortality not only as a way to escape death but to also gain more knowledge about the world far beyond his small kingdom of primates. These differences are also guides to understanding why they both behaved with conceit and were often plagued with a sense of entitlement. For example, Gilgamesh inherited his
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power and aristocracy through heredity. All that he had was received from his parents. He didn’t truly earn the life he was given. It was a life that he abused and took for granted daily. Monkey, on the other hand had no parents, had no guidance, nor any royal ties, therefore all of the things he acquired, he had to work for. It is this great sense of entitlement that leads both characters to believe that they deserve immortality and all of the features that come with it. For example in tablet three
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Monkey and Gilgameshs quests for immortality begin somewhat...

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