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Community participation is the active involvement of

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your reasons for choosing these strategies. Community participation is the active involvement of people from communities, their true participation and the involvement of the people concerned in analysis, decision-making,
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planning, and programme implementation as well as in all the activities related to environmental health issues [Srinivasan S, O’Fallon LR, Dearry A, 2003]. Community involvement in all phases of planning, implementing, promoting and evaluating environmental health activities can best protect public health issues related to environmental health [7, Internet Source]. Involving community, stakeholders and partners will be helpful to achieve following objectives. 1. Enhance partnerships with stakeholders (e.g. community-based organizations, local health departments, health advocacy groups, and other local, state, and regional partners) to translate and disseminate scientific findings on the role of environmental exposure in disease, and to communicate community concerns, priorities and needs for research. 2. Increase awareness and understanding of recent scientific findings on the association between environmental exposures and health outcomes.
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