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True North official essay

I feel as though the best way to be able to lead a

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I feel as though the best way to be able to lead a great group is to create a personal relationship with the members of the group, making them feel comfortable to work with others. I am personally not as outspoken as I would like to be when working with groups. However, if I know my leader or peers are making an effort to show that they want my engagement makes the situation much more personal, creating a genuine interest. Another leadership style I see myself being a part of is consensus leadership. I do not like hurting other people’s feelings. At the same time, I like making personal relations with others in order to get the best and most out of them. This refers back to the engaged leadership. Knowing myself, I would not be able to open up as easily if I am placed with complete strangers. I always try to incorporate everyone’s views and opinions and take them into consideration when making decisions. Nonetheless, a barrier must be broken before people can even open up. Leadership is having the ability to change and affect a person. It is being able to organize a group of people and to be able to provide guidance. Leadership can be interpreted in many ways, but ultimately, the purpose is to create a movement. Bill George’s objective of allowing people to better understand themselves and utilize their own strengths will take them further than they expect in life. Being capable of understanding the steps in discovering one’s own true north will allow a person to better understand his or her true leadership skills. If one is able to assess the following factors, then there is certainly great potential in becoming a true leader.
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