Meditation 5 essence of material things and Gods existence This meditation

Meditation 5 essence of material things and gods

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Meditation 5: essence of material things and God’s existence This meditation tries to expand the items known of God and self, to have them include the outside material objects. It is aimed at strengthening the argument that God exists (Descartes, Meditation V). In this meditation, he makes a clear separation between those things that are confused and obscure from those that are clear and distinct. He concludes that the certainty and truth of all his knowledge is derived from his thoughts of a true God. Meditation 6: existence of material things and the real distinction between mind and body. In this last meditation, Descartes assets that there is a possibility of things existing outside of God as well as outside the self, God having made them to do so. To prove that external objects do exist, Descartes goes back to his first meditation where he proved the existence of a perfect god as well as that of himself. Thus, he easily and quickly proofs the distinction between the mind and the body and the existence of material things outside of the self and God. Descartes’s cogito In his books, Descartes maintains “he is existent because he thinks”. He asserted that the basic requirement for existence is thus the mind. In order to arrive at truth, Descartes doubts the existence of anything else, including his body, except his mind and slowly build upon this existence of his mind to obtain other truth, ”cogito argument”
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