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2 if oil ν 410 5 m 2 s sg 09 flows from the upper to

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2. If oil ( ν = 4*10 -5 m 2 /s, S.G. = 0.9) flows from the upper to the lower reservoir at a rate of 0.028 m 3 /s in the 15-cm smooth pipe, determine the elevation of the oil surface in the upper reservoir. (K for entrance, exit and bend are 0.5, 1 and 0.19 respectively) 60m 130m 7m 130mPD 3. Two reservoirs having a difference of surface level of 24 m are connected by two parallel pipes each 1600 m long and of diameters 450 mm and 300 mm. To repair a length of 120 m of the 450 mm diameter pipe midway between the reservoirs, the total flow is diverted over this length to the 300 mm pipe. Calculate the percentage reduction in discharge resulting from the diversion. Consider only the friction losses and take f = 0.04. 450mm 300mm 1600m 24m 450mm 300mm 24m 300mm 450mm 120m 300mm
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