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1. Discovery 2. Development of Concept 3. Organizing Resources 4. Implementation 5. Reaping the returns Characteristics of Entrepreneurs 1. Reasonable risk-takers -careful and calculating -they make things happen rather than let them happen 2. Self-confident - strong faith in their abilities - they do not accept things as they are, Because they believe they can do things better. Characteristics of Entrepreneurs 3. Hardworking - Entrepreneurs are hardworking, enjoy challenges and difficult tasks, and they love their work. 4. Innovative - creative - doing things in new and different ways. Characteristics of Entrepreneurs 5. Leadership - task-oriented -effective planners, organizers and implementors -achievers Essential Leadership Qualities -Selfless dedication -Purpose and vision -Courage -Enthusiasm -Integrity -Tact -Hardwork
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02/12/2018 5 Characteristics of Entrepreneurs 6. Positive thinkers - thinking of success and bright sides 7. Decision-makers - the success of the business depends on the ability to make the right decision Characteristics of Entrepreneurs Six Distinct Phases of Decision-Making 1. Identifying the problem 2. Gathering the data about the problem 3. Analyzing the data 4. Formulating alternative solutions 5. Selecting the best solutions 6. Implementing the solution/decision CHOOSING THE BEST SOLUTION 1. Presence of Risk 2. Economy of Effort 3. Time Factor 4. Availability of Resources IMPLEMENTING DECISIONS On a trial basis or on a limited scale to test feasibility of the business ventures CONCEPT OF THE FILIPINO ENTREPRENEUR, (dbp) 1. Self-reliant 2. Risk-taker 3. Industrious 4. Humble 5. Helpful 6. Creative 7. Happy Determinants of Successful Entrepreneurship 1.Ability to conceptualize and plan. 2.Ability to manage others. 3.Ability to manage time and to learn. 4.Ability to adapt change.
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