The grade for the second session will be the only

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The grade for the second session will be the only grade that is counted. This is NOT “take two tests and use the higher grade”. For example, if you take the exam and score a 75 then re-take the exam and score a 70, BlackBoard will use the LAST grade (the 70) as your score. The second attempt is for use if you have a technical error on the first trial. Please contact BlackBoard technical help BEFORE you use the second to diagnose and correct technical issues. Assignments Assignments are additional to class time -- a typical 3 credit course includes about 10 hours per week of homework, preparation, etc., in addition to the in class contact hours. You will have readings supplied in Black Board. You can read them online or print them out. You will have videos. I supply notes that you can use or not. I expect that you will BOTH read the material I supply and watch the videos I make. Each homework assignment is worth 10 points. Each assignment has a specific due date. You will not be able to do homework after the due date. Please pay careful attention to deadlines. I will drop the 5 lowest homework assignments to account for occasional problems. These are “easy” points so make sure to start early and spend time to get full points. You will have graded homework problems. Athletes practice on a regular basis to train their muscles. They don’t go into an event without hours of practice spread over weeks. For you to do well in biology, you can’t cram the night before and expect to do well. You need to practice. Homework is practice for thinking like a biologist. There are 2 types of assignments. Questions Sets “Reading Quiz” assignments. Read the assigned text book sections first to become familiar with the material. Then answer 5 questions pertaining to that material. This gets you familiar with the material so that you are prepared for discussion. “Post- module” assignments that review and extend your knowledge. You will practice applying what you learn to these homework problems. This helps to prepare you for exams.