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C stateful packet filtering stateful packet filtering

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Unformatted text preview: c. Stateful packet filtering: Stateful Packet Filtering will look at all packets and determine the need for each and its data. Advanced firewalls employ stateful packet filtering to prevent several types of undesired communications. d. Access Control Lists (ACLs): ACL's protect the device from electronic access. e. Application layer proxies Ref: Application Layer proxies means that the packets are not allowed to traverse the firewall, but data instead flows up to an application that in turn decides what to do with it. Q. Evaluate the standard for cable modems. The standard for cable modems is Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS). It allows the sharing of a party line in the terminal signal area. It has built in support for security protocols, including authentication and packet filtering. Though this does not guarantee privacy, it prevents ordinary subscribers from seeing others' traffic without specialized hardware. Q. For security purposes, a RAS server is placed in the ____. DMZ Q. Contrast host-based and network-based IDS. The main drawback of a host-based IDS is scaling. Host-based IDSs work well in smaller networks, but in large commercial networks with hundreds of active servers, the ability The main drawback of a host-based IDS is scaling....
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c Stateful packet filtering Stateful Packet Filtering will...

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