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Groups like this teach people to problem solve while

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Groups like this teach people to problem solve while also taking the considerations of others into account. By working with others, you get a better look at how life will be in the real world and communicate ideas more favorably.
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Communication is also a key to the success here at WSU. There are many different types of communication that are utilized on campus by all different clubs, administrations, and campus organizations. The most common way of imparting information to students and staff is virtually (personal communication, November 19, 2012). This includes e-mail, texting, Facebook, and use of the phone. For example, professors use e-mail to keep in touch with students by sending out pertinent information and allowing students to ask questions, making the professor more accessible and available to their students. Most of the groups and clubs on campus use posters in buildings, such as Kryzsko Commons, and other well-trafficked areas to catch the attention and interest of fellow students. They also use sidewalk chalk to impart messages, such as upcoming events or speakers that are coming soon (personal communication, November 19, 2012). Different communication techniques help catch the interest of all types of students, allowing groups to reach and include a much more diverse population of students. Effective communication also helps cut down on stress and conflict. Conflict can arise from any number of situations. Effectively handling conflict and stress can be done in many different ways, depending on severity and persons involved. At WSU, some general conflicts are roommate issues, intrapersonal conflict, and scheduling due to what is being offered and when. Personally, I have learned great study tips and time management from my professors and fellow students. By getting into a routine, you can get more done by allotting
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Groups like this teach people to problem solve while also...

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