Africa hot I like am so I know what to wear but my friends dont know Him put

Africa hot i like am so i know what to wear but my

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Africa hot, I like am so I know what to wear but my friends don't know Him put him socks, him put him shoe Him put him pant, him put him singlet Him put him trouser, him put him shirt Him put him tie, him put him coat Him come cover all with him hat Him be gentleman Him go sweat all over Him go faint right down Him go smell like shit Him go piss for body, him no go know Me I no be gentleman like that I no be gentleman at all o! I be Africa man original Part III Essay Section (total 50 points) (you may use notes for this portion of the exam ONLY. Please remember that plagiarism (using someone else’s ideas and/or words and presenting them as your own) will result in automatic failure. All notes used must be turned in with the blue book exam. I look forward to reading your ideas! Question 1: According to Jamaica Kincaid’s A Small Place , what is the impact of colonialism on places like Antigua with regard to language, religion, education, health care (lack of hospitals, production of
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