If a member requests ptdy then comments miles from a

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If a member requests PTDY Then Comments miles from a US state, the District of Columbia or other jurisdiction that allows the couple to be married. The 10- day period includes up to a maximum of 5 days for travel. The total number of days will be based on travel time plus the waiting period (wait time to obtain a marriage license and/or required wait time after the license is obtained but before the marriage may be performed), required by law, to obtain a legal marriage from the jurisdiction nearest the duty assignment location. Marriage PTDY may be granted only once during the career of a Service member; (5) If a unit commander intends to deny Marriage PTDY, he/she should coordinate with the next senior commander in the chain of command. 21 to be the presiding official for a military retirement ceremony. unit commander may approve up to 3 days (1) Mere attendance is not considered participation, the member must be officiating the ceremony. (2) Participation is limited to one presiding official per retirement ceremony. (T-0) 22 to support and/or participate in youth organization activities consistent with the best interests of the AF and as mission permits. unit commanders may approve at their discretion. If approved, PTDY travel is limited to travel in support of the Jamboree and similar annual events held by the other youth organizations listed in 5 USC § 301, Departmental Regulations . (T-0) 23 To participate in SkillBridge Program, based on mission Requirements, 1) SkillBridge applications must be approved in the AF Virtual Education Center by the first