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Disagreement we would then begin to deliberate by

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disagreement, we would then begin to deliberate by providing the pros and cons of the options we were contemplating. I believe we followed through with our plan from start to finish. Personally, I feel that the best way to work under pressure is by being organized, and our method of arranging our items was conducted in a very structured way. Through that method of giving an in-depth breakdown of each item, we felt our approach was extremely effective. We may have wandered off a little by making jokes about certain issues, but for the most part, my group logically worked together. As a matter of fact, the light-hearted vibes I was getting from my group to complete this assignment personally helped me feel more at ease with them.
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Nipal The way my group handled and managed certain aspects of our assignment was very interesting. It appealed to me how sometimes we would forget certain things, but with having a group, someone would most likely remember to help keep the team remain focus. For instance, we sometimes forgot that we were already in possession of all of the items on our raft until a team member would make note of it to us, easing our thought process of how we were to evaluate certain things. Combining different personalities may be difficult but a great balance in what an ideal group should consist, which is how my group seems to be. I already know that my IP partners and I are already a real team. The way we interact with one another in terms of teamwork and chemistry are great. In relation to the HBR article, my team did everything opposite to what Tom and his members did. Rather than deferring certain issues and taking long times to decide, my group and I worked together in order to seek
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disagreement we would then begin to deliberate by providing...

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