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Mary this morning and john didnt either i didnt see

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Mary this morning, and John didn't either I didn't see Mary this morning, and neither did John . She won’t be going to the conference, and her friends won’t either . She won’t be going to the conference, and neither will her friends . John hasn’t seen the new movie yet, and I haven’t either . John hasn’t seen the new movie yet, and neither have I . 10. Câu ph ñị nh (negation) ðể t o câu ph ñị nh ñặ t not sau tr ñộ ng t ho c ñộ ng t be . N ế u không có tr ñộ ng t ho c ñộ ng t be thì dùng d ng th c thích h p c a do, does ho c did ñể thay th ế . John is rich => John is not rich. Mark has seen Bill => Mark has not seen Bill Mary can swim => Mary cannot swim. I went to the store yesterday => I did not go to the store yesterday. Mark likes spinach => Mark doesn’t like spinach. I want to leave now => I don’t want to leave now. 10.1 Some/any: ðặ t any ñằ ng tr ướ c danh t làm v ng s nh n m nh câu ph ñị nh. C ũ ng có th nh n m nh m t câu ph ñị nh b ng cách dùng no + danh t ho c a single + danh t s ít . John has some money => John doesn’t have any money . He sold some magazines yesterday => He didn't sell a single magazine yesterday. = He sold no magazine yesterday. 10.2 M t s các câu h i d ng ph ñị nh l i mang ý ngh ĩ a khác (không dùng d u ?): - Nh n m nh cho s kh ng ñị nh c a ng ườ i nói. Shouldn 't you put on your hat, too! : Th ế thì anh c ũ ng ñộ i luôn m ũ vào ñ i. Didn't you say that you would come to the party tonight: Th ế anh ñ ã ch ng nói là anh ñ i d ti c t i nay hay sao. - Dùng ñể tán d ươ ng Wasn 't the weather wonderful yesterday: Th i ti ế t hôm qua ñẹ p tuy t v i. Wouldn't it be nice if we didn't have to work on Friday. Th t là tuy t v i khi chúng ta không ph i làm vi c ngày th 6. 10.3 Hai l n ph ñị nh
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S ư u t m và thi ế t k ế b i Ph m Vi t V ũ - 42 – Tr ườ ng ðạ i H c Kinh T ế ð à N ng Negative + Negative = Positive (Mang ý ngh ĩ a nh n m nh) It's unbelieveable he is not rich. (Ch ng ai có th tin ñượ c là anh ta l i không giàu có.) 10.4 Ph ñị nh k ế t h p v i so sánh Negative + comparative (more/ less) = superlative (Mang ngh ĩ a so sánh tuy t ñố i) I couldn't agree with you less = I absolutely agree with you. You couldn't have gone to the beach on a better day = It's the best day to go to the beach. Nh ư ng ph i h ế t s c c n th n vì : He couldn't have been more unfriendly when I met him first. = the most unfriendly The surgery couldn't have been more unnecessary . = absolutely unnecessary 10.5 C u trúc ph ñị nh song song Negative... even/still less/much less + noun/ verb in simple form : không ... mà l i càng không.
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