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MGMT 305 week 1 DB

They provide hair growth supplements for balding men

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market segment. They provide hair growth supplements for balding men. And because of the limited products available in this market, any available items cost more than other everyday supplements. Finally, there is the customer and supplier relations strategy, which focuses on strengthening the bond between the buyer and seller and providing a pleasant shopping experience. The main goal with this model is that customers are to be treated with incredible attention that they would continuously purchase that business’s products (Laudon &Laudon, 2012). One company that has built its reputation through customer relations is Amazon. They provide an easy purchasing experience for all their customers and also recommend other products which would relate to their previous purchases. If a customer is searching for fishing rods, they would also show a selection for fishing baits, lines, and tackle boxes, making the whole shopping experience much easier. Although information technology has led to many great accomplishments for businesses, improper use of technology can lead to the compromise of sensitive information. This can be confidential market research done by businesses or even personal information that belongs to a number of customers. Even a simple visit to the ATM could lead to one’s credit card and bank
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