C obtain commitment of ventures stakeholders d

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c Obtain commitment of venture’s stakeholders. d Identify ways customers needs can be served. 1 a b 2 b c 3 c d 4 a d 8 Which information about the business products and services must be provided to the investors or lenders in order for an entrepreneur to obtain a loan? a number of products to be produced by the business b description of the products and services to be sold c what the business will do to ensure quality and control of inventory d description of any features of the product that will give advantage over competition 1 a b 2 a c 3 b d 4 c d 9 At which stage of the creative process can an individual seek answers/ solutions to the problems? 1 preparation stage 2 incubation stage 3 illumination stage 4 verification stage
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MNE 202-V MAY/JUNE 2009 5 10 Peter used to work at a building construction company. He decided to start his own building construction company and asked his former employer for advice on this business. Peter is using a/an _____ network for entrepreneurs. 1 social 2 personal 3 extended 4 business 11 In an effort to show your parents what you have learnt in MNE202V, you tell them the following: “The success in a family business can only be ensured if the two broad systems of ______ and ____ are balanced.” 1 family members; family systems 2 business; investors 3 family; employees 4 family; business 12 Which of the following are advantages of franchising from the franchisee’s viewpoint? a rapid expansion b a proven system c dedicated owner-operators d start-up assistance 1 a b 2 b d 3 a c 4 c d
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