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Sharing with you how the government budgets their

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sharing with you how the government budgets their money, the budgets and costs for education in the United States, and how more funding will help the education or children in our country. I. The United States’ budgets are extremely skewed. a. The US is spending too much and getting into huge debt. b. The government spends a lot on health care. c. Politicians need to be doing more for their districts. II. The government should budget more money for education costs. a. Education costs are rising but budgets are not. b. Government budget cuts are deeply hurting education. c. Educational standards need to rise but can’t. III. Less skewed budgets will help education greatly. a. Taking money away from some budgets and giving it to education will help strengthen education. b. Strengthened education will help our country. c. With strengthened education, the areas that money was taken from will eventually benefit. To sum things up, the government budgets are highly skewed, education is hurting from these skewed budgets and more funding will help strengthen education in the US. The government doesn’t give enough thought or money to help children achieve their full potential and this is something that needs to be remedied.
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