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According to sale and borah the life of the native

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According to Sale and Borah, the life of the native indigenous people was peaceful. They lived in a calming and harmonious environment and did very well with sustaining their resources. It was not until Columbus came that things took a turn for the worse in their
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lives. Because he was ignorant to their customs and belief systems, he and other Europeans deemed the natives as incompetent savages that needed to be domesticated and “delivered” from their backwards ways. In the height of his popularity, Columbus was celebrated for “discovering the Americas” however closer looks into his endeavors have since made him frowned upon in today’s society. His forceful nature and ruthless expansion of Europe westward overseas left the indigenous people with no other choice but to adapt or face the powerful wrath of the Europeans. Buffalo Bill however rose to fame through his craftsmanship and knowledge of the American Great Plains. He rose to fame through his hunting skill he gained success as a popular hunting guide, killing around 4000 buffalo in a short span of 8 months which gained him the moniker “Buffalo”. Aside from this he became known as an actor writer and performer selling stories and shows about his many adventures through the Great Plains . (Tompkins) Though he was not as forceful as Columbus, he was looked at as an exploiter of the animal population to some however. Further research as proven by Tompkins shows that “The men who did the most to preserve America’s natural wilderness and its wildlife were big-game hunters.”(592) To others he still remains a classic remnant of the “Wild Wild West”. When Jane Tompkins walked into the Buffalo Bill Museum was it right for her to judge him based on what she, a woman living in a completely different time period, thought was immoral? Was it fair for Christopher Columbus to travel to what is now America and claim it as his own in spite of the fact that people had already been inhabit ting it? People need to realize that the things that are popular now were not popular back then. We have so much handed to us today. In this technology age the world is literally at
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our fingertips, our forefathers did not have that advantage. They were forced to start from scratch and build this nation from the ground up. If they hadn’t we wouldn’t be as strong a nation as we are now. Although they were fairly intelligent people, they lacked the plethora of knowledge that we now have at our disposal today. Because they did not have the option to Google the answer to a problem or look it up on a website or search engine of some sort, they made their own decisions on what they thought would be best for themselves and their people. While their actions were wrong morally and downright corrupt, one must remember that they were setting the blueprint of their today for us to have a better tomorrow. Tonia, this is a good start. You need to go through and proofread this. There were points
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According to Sale and Borah the life of the native...

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