Opment of local travel management expertise

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Unformatted text preview: opment of local travel management expertise sufficient to capture foreign markets, the company solved its globalization dilemma effectively by forging alliances with the best foreign (40) partners it could find. The resulting cooperative alliance of independent agencies now comprises 32 partners spanning 37 countries.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q35: The passage suggests that one of the effects of the deregulation of the airlines was A. a decline in the services available to noncommercial travelers B. a decrease in the size of the corporate travel market C. a sharp increase in the number of cooperative alliances among travel agencies D. increased competition in a number of different service industries E. the merging of some companies within the travel industry Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q36: The author discusses a particular travel agency in the passage most likely in order to A. provide evidence of the pressures on the travel industry to globalize B. demonstrate the limitations of the traditional routes to global expansion C. illustrate an unusual approach to globalizing a service organization D. highlight the difficulties confronting travel agencies that attempt to globalize E. underscore the differences between the service industry and other industries Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q37: According to the passage, which of the following is true of the traditional routes to global expansion? A. They have been supplanted in most service industries by alternative routes. B. They are less attractive to travel agencies since deregulation of the airlines. C. They may represent the most cost-effective means for a travel agency to globalize. 20 D. They may be unsuitable for service agencies that are attempting to globalize. E. They are most likely to succeed in markets that are not actively growing. Answer: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q38: Unless tiger hunting decreases, tigers will soon be extinct in the wild. The countries in which the tigers’ habitats are located are currently debating joint legislation that would ban tiger hunting. Thus, if these countries can successfully enforce this legislation, the survival of tigers in the wild will be ensured. The reasoning in the argument is most vulnerable to criticism on the grounds that the argument A. assumes without sufficient warrant that a ban on tiger hunting could be successfully enforced B. considers the effects of hunting on tigers without also considering the effects of hunting on other endangered animal species C. fails to take into account how often tiger hunters are unsuccessful in their attempts to kill tigers D. neglects to consider the results of governmental attempts in the past to limit tiger hunting E. takes the removal of an impediment to the tigers’ survival as a guarantee of their survival Answer: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q39: Unlike the body’s inflammatory response to cuts and sprains, with widespread swelling...
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opment of local travel management expertise sufficient to...

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