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Criminology Lecture Notes3

Gang engages in retaliation real fights because the

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Gang engages in retaliation (real fights) because the fighting isn’t enough . Must commit enough acts of violence in order to keep going . Gangs cant just go out and pick a fight if they want to . Gangs create laws that other gangs must follow but these laws are inevitably broken, thus these laws simply provide reasons to fight – need a reason to fight because that’s what gangs are all about . Intra-gang violence (violence between gangs) – get beat into the gang (initiation) – violence between gang members defining the relationship . Kill their own members (ex. Crips killed more Crips than bloods) . Implications for how gangs are organized – gangs are really like social networks . Too loosely integrated and too disorganized to stretch all the way across the united states – gangs emerge to only deal with local situations, not in other areas . Very often, a couple boys will claim to be crips and bloods, but that is just perception, but yet they have no association with any of the actual crips and bloods
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. Gang membership is very often an illusion – don’t have membership cards or rosters – anyone can claim to be a gang member . Just because people perceive something as a gang or claim gang membership, does not mean that those perceptions or claims have any basis in reality
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