Can be fun 1210 need for rest rest and health rest

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can be fun 12.10 Need for rest Rest and health Rest helps us recover both physically and mentally S. Discuss how to spend leisure time (CM) *** Mental health and emotional health are also very important. Teachers should discuss this with students. Other supportive school activities should also be organised.
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The suggested activities in this Unit should facilitate the development of the following competencies to the students’ fullest capability: 1. inferring from observations 2. making use of evidences in stating what might have happened 3. discerning the order in which events take place 4. extracting relevant information from a text 5. interpreting a variety of forms of information 6. predicting possible consequences of continuing a course of action 7. conducting a fair test 8. using models to explain phenomena 9. data handling 10. organising data and presenting them graphically 11. consulting different sources of information 12. making interpretations based on all available data 13. making decision for oneself based on available data 14. evaluating some social customs associated with health 15. evaluating the effects of different dietary habits and living styles on health 16. establishing habits maintaining good physical and mental health
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