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I feel it should be a mutual respect and that each

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I didn’t agree with his statement at all. I feel it should be a mutual respect and that each person should have equal input. One of my friends agreed with me when I said that. I would like to know more about male’s abuse in relationships and why people feel that men can’t be abused because they are “stronger” or why women can get rapped and men can’t. I think man can get rapped and I hope we get a chance to go more into these topics in the classes ahead. I feel all of this narrows down to how the United States was built and the ideals you are led to believe. It boils down to discrimination against women since men are the “dominant” sex as stated by Bosmajian (Bosmajian 1995). He talks about how names for women have been created that only apply for them. And I feel this brain washes men into believing they can abuse women for not following their rules. For example there is a word housewife but no househusband (Bosmajian 1995). This adds to men superiority and created a false complex of dominance over women. These stereotypes often lead to this oppression of women that is evident in the abusive relationships be it physical, verbal, emotional, or sexual (Pharr 1997).
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References Bosmajian, H. (1995). The Language of Sexism. In P.S. Rothenberg (Ed.), Race, Class and Gender in the United States, pp. 386-392. NY: St. Martin’s. Pharr, S. (1997). Common elements of oppression. In Homophobia: A weapon of sexism . Hoboken, NJ: Chardon Press.
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