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If you can focus on 10x but not on 40x your slide is

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If you can focus on 10X but not on 40X, your Slide is Upside-Down! Everyone in Lab will point at you and laugh. Can ʼ t focus? Go back to your “P” Slide. Try to locate and focus your Bacteria using your 10X (Yellow) Objective. Remember, your Scope is Parfocal. Once it’s in Focus for the 10X (Yellow) Lens, it should be in Focus for the 40X (Blue) Lens. And once it’s In Focus for any one Slide, it should be In Focus for any Slides that follow. You’ll swear there’s Nothing there except some tiny Pink Specks. Well, those are the Bacteria. And E. coli is one of the larger Bacteria, too. This is why MIC 101 is called Microbiology. For the most part, we’ll be looking at Stuff this small. After focusing on 10X, move up to 40X and readjust the Fine Focus and re-center the Smear if necessary. In order to see any Detail at all on your Bacteria you’ll need to use the 100X (White) Lens. This is a special Lens designed to be used with Immersion Oil. And that’s covered on the next Page. .. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Dangerous and disturbing this puzzle is. Only a Jedi could have erased those files. But who, and why, harder to answer. Meditate on this I will. © 2002 LucasFilm Ltd.
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Lab 3 Page 13 Using Oil Immersion You’ll need to go up to the 100X Oil Immersion Lens to learn anything about the Morphology of your Bacteria. Using Oil Immersion is quite straightforward once you get the Hang of it. • Focus on the Specimen using the Yellow 10X Lens. • Use the Black Plastic Collar on the Lens Turret to click the Red 3.2X Lens into Place. • Add a Drop of Immersion Oil (in your Wooden Stain Holder) directly to the Slide When you place a Drop of Immersion Oil directly atop the Apex of the Solid Cone of Light being beamed through your Specimen, you ʼ re rewarded with a quick Bling of Light. See how the Glass Rod “disappears” when it ʼ s n the Oil? That ʼ s because Glass and the Oil have exactly the same Refractive Index. • Slowly move the 100X Oil Immersion Lens into the Oil until you feel it click into Place You always have to slightly change the Focus every Time you go to Oil (but never be more than about Half a Turn of the Fine Focus Knob) Your Bacteria will still look very Small, but you should be able to make out the Shape and the Color. Your E. coli should look like little Pink Rods. Your Staphylococcus epidermidis should look like little Purple Spheres. Compare your Slide with your Lab Partner ʼ s Slide. It ʼ s always a Good Idea to compare Results with your Lab Partner, and feel free to compare outside of your Group, too. • If you want to look at another Slide under Oil Immersion, move the Lens Turret to the 3.2X Lens, remove the first Slide, replace it with the other Slide, add a Drop of Immersion Oil and move the 100X Oil Immersion Lens into the Oil until it clicks into Place. • After using Oil Immersion, return to the 3.2X Position. Very gently
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If you can focus on 10X but not on 40X your Slide is Upside...

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