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Christopher Week 4 Assignment 1

Bikes overhead is through the cost of maintaining

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Bikes overhead is through the cost of maintaining servers has proven to be less than other approaches because organizations can outsource the needed support from a third-party service provider. These providers are able to offer a lower price because of the volume of clients the service. I would also like to suggest that you install a wireless network system in all Dirt Bike offices; there are many benefits to doing so. A wireless Internet system will allow for a more mobile environment within the office, which will help to increase employee productivity. Jobs that now have to be completed in an office with wired access would now be able to be continued or completed accomplished anywhere in the building using wireless access. Employees can make better use of time anywhere in the office to keep up with email, prepare reports, or quickly access new information. Managers will also be able to address any urgent matters quickly by having
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WEEK 4 ASSIGNMENT 1 5 access to vital information that is from any department needed to solve a problem, even if they're not in their personal office, which can be very important at times. Another benefit from installing wireless in future sites is that the cost of Internet access is greatly reduced because you wont have the cost of all the wired connections needed in each office.
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WEEK 4 ASSIGNMENT 1 6 Reference Laudon, K. C., & Laudon, J. P. (2011). Essentials of management information systems. Boston: Pearson.Pearson. Networking - Computer and Wireless Networking Basics - Home Networks Tutorials. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://compnetworking.about.com Strategic Growth Concepts home page. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://www.strategicgrowthconcepts.com Website Design Company Servicing A Worldwide Clientele - NRJ Design. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://www.nrjdesign.com
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Bikes overhead is through the cost of maintaining servers...

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