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Released his first hit in 1956 please please please

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Released his first hit in 1956 – “Please, Please, Please” Very close to a typical doo-wop song with piano triplets, smooth background vocals and a passionate lead vocal In 1960 he released “Think” – it showed a distinct style change; the horn section acted like background vocalists and the drum beat was more crisp and driving His style was further set in stone when he won a legal battle with his record label to gain complete artistic control over his career
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Right after this he released “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag” and “I Feel Good” – his first two top 10 hits As the 1960s progressed, Brown continued to release music that would eventually influence the development of funk music in the 1970s At the end of the 1960s he released “Cold Sweat,” which some consider to be the first true funk record – it was also the first of his songs to feature a drum break and a mainly single chord harmony With in the next two years he released a number of singles that would influence not only funk, but hip hop and various styles of electronic dance music
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  • James Brown, hardest working man, coarse shouting/screaming style, precise dance steps, typical doo-wop song

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