To receive wire transfer in your US Bank account please use the following wire

To receive wire transfer in your us bank account

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To receive wire transfer in your U.S. Bank account, please use the following wire instructions: Bank Name 银行名称 U.S. Bank NA SWIFT Code for U.S. Bank NA 银行国际代码 USBKUS44IMT Routing Transit Number 路由号码 075000022-Wisconsin Bank Address, City & State 银行地址 U.S. Bank NA 389 East Campus Mall Madison, WI, 53715 Beneficiary Account Number 受益人账户号码 Your complete U.S. Bank NA account number 您的账户号码 ( 可选择 Checking Saving 账户 ) Beneficiary Name 受益人姓名 The name of your account as it appears on your statement 您开户时使用的官方姓名 ( 名在前,姓在后 ) Check 支票 How to get a check 支票获取方式 1. 开通 student checking 账户,我们将为您提供一盒 (40 ) 免费支票 ( 须在网点下单 ) ,支票会在 10 14 个工作日寄到 您的地址 2. 网上银行下单 (main menu > customer service > self service > order checks or review an order) ,价格取决于支票张数及设 计。 3. 网点打印 counter check( 柜台支票 ) ,一页两张支票,每张支票在使用时收取 $2 手续费 How to write a check 支票填写方式 Date Line The date you write the check 写支票的日期 “Pay To The Order Of” Line The name of the person or business you are paying 支票收款方 ( 个人或组织 ) Amount Box Write the amount of the check in numbers starting at the very beginning of the box. This will prevent anyone from adding a digit in front of the amount you’ve written, altering the dollar amount. 支票金额 ( 数字 ) Dollars Line Starting at the beginning of the line, write the dollar amount of the check in words, then the cents as a fraction of 100. Draw a line in the remaining space, so that no one can add more words or change the amount. 支票金额 ( 文字 ) Memo Line Write the purpose of the payment (optional, for your records only) 备注 ( 不是必填项,可 用于记录支票款项 ) Signature Line Sign your name. Do not sign a check until you are writing it to someone specific 您的签名
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