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Victory through air power full length feature helped

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-victory through air power (full-length feature helped influence strategic policy air-bombing campaigns at end of war) -training for all branches of armed forces -all animation studios participated in propaganda effort (warner bros) PI DAY! Racial Stereotypes in Disney Latin America -sent Disney there to get support -public service films for latin america (1940s) -”good” people: westernized appearance, white clothes -”unhealthy” people: mexican stereotypes -three caballeros -saludos amigos
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-short: story of 2 families Standard Academic Reference Tool (Sut Jhally and German 270 and someone ese) -media education foundation's Mickey Mouse Monopoly -clips depicting racialized characters -academic commentary by experts of each race Reactions to MMM-race -outrageous, disturbing, shocking -don't they have anything better to do? -overanalyzing -disney doesn't intend offense -kids don't pick up on these things -i was raised on disney and I turned out all right Coal Black and De Sebbin' Dwarfs -oh my god. ... -universally offensive (reaction of students) -not intended for minority audiences Song of the South -controversy -script written by southern white male (1944) -script corrected by jewish radical -1944 black community very upset -saw negative portrayal -Walt sent out script for comment -not clear this was antebellum south (people thought they were slaves) -stereotype of happily singing slaves was offensive -walt accused critics of being communists and got the fbi to check them out -the black cast could not attend premiere bc it was segregated 3/26/13 – LRRH The Grandmother's Tale -originally thought to be french -many versions throughout france -also versions in Italy, Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea -early variants: girl escapes through wit -later variants: helpless -35 variants French oral tales -sex (all kinds) -cannibalism -rape -incest -shitting/pissing -sodomy Perrault LRRH 1967 -Red Cape and bad ending -Grandmother, mother, LRR -basket: biscuits and butter -LRR: prettiest girl around -(meeting wolf = losing virginity) -”old neighbor wolf” -familiar? Creepy old man? -had a great desire to eat her, didnt because of the woodcutters
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-LRR is taking her time -no race -wolf: come lie beside me -arms, legs, ears, eyes, teeth (sees legs, sees errthang else too) -LRR gets eaten! -lesson: -young girls should never listen to anyone that happens by -or else they'll lose their virginity -don't let any wolf follow you into your boudoir -wolves come in many shapes, the handsome ones are the most dangerous -the wolf king -an old woman's tale (1801) -wold king regards her as a child -not someone she knows (good sir wolf – aristocracy) -wolf wins kiss, lrrh wins candy -gorey details added -little girl initiates getting into bed, doesnt realize she is in danger -voice, tail, eyes, ears, teeth -lesson: dont get into bed with someone you dont know, dont make races with strangers LRRH -vehicle for addressing young girls' sexuality -danger posed by wolves (men) -loss of virginity = social death -not redeemable in early versions -tale evolves into story of obedience -sexuality sublimated into red cloak, wine, etc -predominant element in 20
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victory through air power full length feature helped...

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