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Alternatively other perks can be offered to these

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happier in their jobs. Alternatively, other perks can be offered to these employees instead. In order to remain competitive in today's market, many firms have set up virtual teams who are linked through sophisticated telecommunications and computer networks across the world. Virtual teams provide new avenues for cooperation and access to expertise that was previously not available, once barriers such as language and culture are overcome. Flexible work schedules such as compressed workweek, flextime , job sharing and telecommuting are becoming increasingly popular as employees want to fit their jobs around their lifestyles. In a compressed workweek, the number of hours worked each day is lengthened to shorten the workweek. Flextime means working the total number of normal hours of the job, but at times convenient to the employee. Telecommuting means working from home via powerful telecommunications and computer networks, whereas job sharing means two part-time employees perform the same job. Traditionally, these jobs could not be performed at home due to the lack of computing and telecommunications infrastructure. However, with rapid technological development, telecommuting is becoming very popular with many employers and employees. Employee teams are a group of employees with complementary skills who work together towards a specific goal. If such a team has a responsibility for a whole work process or part that produces a product of service for an end-user, then this team is known as an autonomous work group. The team is autonomous because of the control aspect they have in the performance of their job. Autonomous work groups are also known as self-directed teams, self-managed teams or high-performance teams.
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