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Role of Religion in American Public Life

The essence of american politics and public life is

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The essence of American politics and public life is the implementation of democracy in allowing for the people to voice their opinions freely and also allowing those people to fairly come to a consensus by exercising their basic rights as citizens. The opportunities allowed to the American citizens, not only in dealing with the position of religion in politics, but the guarantee of being able to be free to express their liberties to the general public exemplifies the impossibility of trying to limit the role of religion in not only American public life, but ultimately in the American people. Especially in considering the constantly fluctuating dynamics of the American populace, there is a reason that people of differing perspectives can “…live together as equals in a just, stable, and peaceful society…” and that reason is American liberal democracy (Wolterstorff). It is this democratic society which allows for religion to have such a significant role in public life, and so long as those democratic values of protected by the American Constitution, religion will continue to be a major part of American public policy and debates. Works Cited Rawls, John. A Brief Inquiry into the Meaning of Sin and Faith . President and Fellows of Harvard College, 2009. Print. Rorty, Richard. Philosophy and Social Hope . London: Penguin Books, 1999. Print. Wolterstorff, Nicholas. "An Engagement with Rorty." Journal of Religious Ethics, Inc. . (2003): 129-139. Print.
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The essence of American politics and public life is the...

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