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2 students should choose their majors with

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2. Students should choose their majors with considerable care. 3. True citizens understand their debt to their country. 4. If a nurse can find nothing wrong with you in a preliminary examination, a physician will be recommended to you. However, in this city physicians wish to protect themselves by having you sign a waiver. 5. You should be cautious when talking to him or her. 6. The entrants must indicate that they have read the rules, that they understand them, and that they are willing to abide by them. If they have questions, they should bring them to the attention of an official, who will answer them. 7. Soldiers should be prepared to sacrifice their lives for their comrades. 8. Those who want refunds should apply at the main office and have their identification with them. 9. Everybody who has tried our tea knows that it will neither keep them awake nor make them jittery. 10. Petitioners over sixty should have completed form E-7. 11. Not everyone has the same beliefs. Some people may not wish to put themselves on the line, whereas others may welcome the chance to make their views known to friends. 12. God created human beings in his own image. 13. Language is nature’s greatest gift to humanity. 14. Of all the animals, the most intelligent are humans. 15. The common person prefers peace to war. 16. The proof must be acceptable to the rational individual. 17. The country’s founders believed in the equality of all. 18. People's pursuit of happiness has led them to prefer leisure to work. 19. When individuals reach adulthood, they are able to make such decisions for themselves. 20. Athletes who want to play for the National Football League should have a good work ethic. 21. The new city bus service has hired several female drivers. 22. The city is also hiring in the fire department, as well as police officers and mail carriers; and the city council is planning to elect a new chairperson. 23. Harold Vasquez worked for City Hospital as a nurse. 24. Most U.S. senators are men. 25. Mr. and Ms. Macleod joined a club for married couples. 26. Ms. Macleod works for the city. 27. Mr. Macleod doesn’t know it, but Ms. Macleod is a feminist. 28. Several women have signed up for the seminar. 29. Judges must be sensitive to the atmosphere in their courtrooms. 30. To be a good politician, you have to be a good salesperson. IM – 3 | 7
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Exercise 3-16 In case you couldn't figure it out, the friend is a woman. Writing Exercises Note: Again, not much can be offered here, other than identifying issues. So that is what we offer. 1. Issue: Whether California should pass legislation that would make clean hypodermic needles available to what is, presumably, a drug using population. A second issue is whether making clean needles available in general would lead to an increase in drug abuse. 2. Issue: Whether medical practice should be used for the purpose of making legally condemned people mentally competent to be legally executed. States can neither legally condemn insane people nor legally execute insane people. 3. Issue: Whether Americans would benefit from lower prices on pharmaceutical drugs. A second issue, brought up in defending the higher US prices, is whether lower prices in the other countries mentioned slows costly medical research in general, ultimately making everyone worse off. IM – 3 | 8
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2 Students should choose their majors with considerable...

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