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C next consider daves case part 2 2 daves case part 2

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(c) Next consider Dave’s Case, Part 2.
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2 Dave’s Case: Part 2 The physician decides to hold off on meeting’s Dave’s request for withdrawal of the ventilator until after Dave has a period of adjustment. Several months later, Dave’s condition improves and he is weaned from the ventilator. He is given a diagnosis of C5 quadriplegia, sensory motor complete. Dave has partial function in his shoulders, elbow, and wrist, but continues to require assistance with activities of daily living. Dave continues to feels that his life is intolerable and he does not want to go on living. Since removal of the ventilator is no longer an option, Dave now requests that his physician administer a lethal dose of medication so that he can die a swift and dignified death. Dave’s physician is uncomfortable with this request and asks for a second ethics consultation. The physician would like to know if the ethical principles you appealed to previously (part b), to support withdrawing the ventilator, would also support administering a lethal dose of medication.
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