72 2005 Optimize the process parameters of powder mixed electrical discharge

72 2005 optimize the process parameters of powder

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[72] 2005 Optimize the process parameters of powder mixed electrical discharge machining by EN 31 tool steel Copper Pulse on time, duty cycle, peak current Concentration of the added silicon powder
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Vol.9, No.8 MRR Improvement in Sinking Electrical Discharge Machining 731 using response surface methodology. Chen et al. [113] 2008 Introduced a new mechanism of cutting pipe combined with electrical discharge machining SUS 304 Copper Peak current, pulse duration, polarity Workpiece rotation Han et al. [80] 2009 Proposed a novel high- speed electrical discharge machining (EDM) milling method using moving electric arcs. Mold steel Copper Open voltage, peak current, duty cycle Electrode revolution Xu et al. [84] 2009 Proposed the tool electrode ultrasonic vibration assisted EDM in gas medium and introduced its principle. YT15 cemented carbide Copper Voltage, current pulse on- time Frequency and amplitude of ultrasonic vibration, Zhang et al. [104] 2002 Proposed and investigated ultrasonic vibration electrical discharge machining Steel Copper Voltage, pulse duration, Pipe wall thickness, electrode, vibration amplitude, effects of gas medium Kunieda et al. [102] 2003 Investigated high speed EDM milling of 3D cavities Mild steel (SS400) Copper Discharge current, discharge duration, Non
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732 Kuldeep Ojha , R. K. Garg, K. K. Singh Vol.9, No.8 using gas as the working fluid discharge interval Yu et al. [103] 2004 Compared machining characteristics between dry EDM milling, oil EDM milling and oil die sinking EDM Cemented carbide Copper tungsten Discharge current, discharge duration, discharge interval Electrode rotation Zhang et al. [78] 2006 Applied ultrasonic to improve the efficiency in EDM in gas medium AISI 1045 steel Copper Open voltage, pulse duration, discharge current Gas pressure, wall thickness, actuation amplitude REFERENCES [1] Ho, K.H., Newman, S.T., 2003 “State of the art electrical discharge machining (EDM)”, Int. J. Mach. Tools Manuf ., 43 , 1287–1300. [2] Kansal, H.K., Singh, P, Kumar, P., 2007, “Technology and research developments in powder mixed electric discharge machining (PMEDM)”, Journal of Materials Processing Technology , 184 , 32–41. [3] Abu Zeid, O.A., 1997, “On the effect of electro-discharge machining parameters on the fatigue life of AISI D6 tool steel”. Journal of Materials Processing Technology , 68 (1), 27–32. [4] Ramasawmy, H., Blunt L., 2004 “Effect of EDM process parameters on 3D surface topography”, Journal of Materials Processing Technology , 148 ,155–164. [5] Rudorff, D.W., 1961 “Spark machining and its development”, Metal Treatment and Drop Forging, 28 (186), 120–124. [6] Pandey, P.C.; Shan, H.S. Modern Machining Process . Tata McGraw- Hill Publishing Company Ltd 1999, 84-113. [7] Smith, G.V., 1961, “Spark machining – fundamental and techniques. J Br Inst Radio Eng , 22 , 409. [8] Luis, C.J., Puertas, I., Villa, G., 2005 “Material removal rate and electrode wear study on the EDM of silicon carbide”, Journal of Materials Processing Technology , 164–165 , 889–
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