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Men from all over europe volunteered fascists won the

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men from all over Europe volunteered; Fascists won the war with the help of Mussolini & Hitler; Republicans vs. Fascists (rebel group led by Francisco Franco); Franco would become Spain’s dictator Appeasement : Hitler’s Foreign Policy called for appeasement : if they give some concessions, Germany will be happy and Hitler will be happy ; Hitler kept complaining about how unfair the Treaty of Versailles was Versailles Treaty : Treaty of Versailles prevented Germany from being powerful; was obsessed with racial supremacy Munich Pact : gave Hitler Sudetenland; the British thought he would be happy if he got this; Hitler saw it as further proof that Britain & France were weak & he could do whatever he wanted – expansion; failed act of appeasement toward Germany Vichy Government : In France, there’s a dictatorship called the Vichy Government: Philippe Petain in charge; people might not have liked the Germans, but this seemed to be the right thing; called itself the French State; maintained some legal authority; don’t divide France b/t the Axis powers Philippe Petain : In France, there’s a dictatorship called the Vichy Government: Philippe Petain in charge; people might not have liked the Germans, but this seemed to be the right thing Primo Levi : suffered in the Aushwitz concentration camps Strategic bombing : military strategy used in a total war; attempt to destroy economic ability and public will to wage war rather than destroying land or naval forces; demoralize the enemy; so peace and surrender can become preferable; aerial bombing Potsdam Conference : Issue of German refugees – Potsdam Agreement (ethnic Germans were forced to march out of foreign countries [Eastern Europe], even though some people had lived there for many years) Atomic bomb : explosive device that uses destructive force from nuclear reactions; used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki Nuremberg War Crimes Trial : lots of people just saying they were doing their job in response to the Holocaust Holocaust : mass genocide of six million Jews during WWII
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Genocide : any of the following acts with the willingness to destroy a racial or ethnic religious group; causing mental and physical harm; destroying life; imposing measures to prevent births; with the intention of wiping out the group (not always death) Final Solution : Nazi’s kept using the term “Final Solution:” what to do with the Jewish people & seemed like it was just to deport Jews but ended up in mass murder; no evidence of Hitler about killing the Jews or how the idea came about Apartheid : a system of racial segregation of South Africa; many blacks were curtailed & whites supremacy occurred Indian Independence Movement : national & regional campaigns; India got independence from the British Raj; Gandhi – political ideas National Liberation Front : Balfour Declaration : From Balfour to Rothschild (leader of British Jewish community) for transmission to the Zionist Federation; helped secure Jewish support for Britain; rebirth of Israel as the Jewish state; Balfour interfered with Palestine; out of WWI; promised Jews possession of Palestine
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men from all over Europe volunteered Fascists won the war...

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