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Answers to Final Essay Questions

Self regulatory would do to prepare for exam if one

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Self regulatory would do to prepare for exam? If one was self-regulatory and preparing to take the Motivation in the Workplace exam they would (1) asses the test as a problem that needed to be dealt with, and specify the grade they would like to attain and the time frame of exam before taking the exam, (2) since they know the test is going to be taken online they would monitor the ways in which this environment would hinder or facilitate goal attainment of a positive grade , (3) finally the person would identify the rewards and punishments for achieving or not achieving the goal such as not achieving meaning a low grade and achieving would receive praise of knowledge and a good grade. autonomy and self-efficacy? Autonomy- Autonomy is defined in the self- determination as volition meaning the faculty or power of using one's will, wish, or desire. In chapter 8 the book states autonomy by self-determination theory not as job freedom or independence in the sense used by job-enrichment and job-characteristics theories. Rather in the self-determination theory it is used as a behavior that is experienced as willingly enacted, when the individual fully endorses the actions in which he or she is engaged or the values expressed by them.
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