A Note about two forms of unit tests The availability of two alternative forms

A note about two forms of unit tests the availability

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A Note about two forms of unit tests. The availability of two alternative forms of the unit tests is a unique advantage and privilege of this course. Two forms are offered to allow students more practice and exposure to test taking, to allow students to improve their grades, but also to provide an option if personal, scheduling or technical issues arise. Students are encouraged to take both forms of every unit test for additional practice and exposure to the material. In addition, only tests that have been taken may be reviewed prior to the final exam. On-time Test A Bonus: A 2-point bonus is awarded in each unit for taking Test A on time (Up to 18 bonus points). After completing form A of the test, complete the test bonus assignment in Canvas to obtain the on-time bonus points. This bonus will not be earned for tests taken past the unit test deadline regardless of the reason. Test Integrity. All tests and final exams are to be taken “closed book/note”. Students may NOT refer to any course documents or videos including, but not limited to, those provided in Canvas (book, article, notes, email, or web page source). Please ensure that no other windows, tabs, or apps are open when taking a unit test, and that you log out of Canvas (including the app) on any other devices prior to taking a unit test. Students may use a basic calculator. Students may NOT give or receive assistance or answers from another person or source. Tests/test items may not be saved, copied, printed, written down or otherwise duplicated in any manner. All test materials are and remain the property of the instructor. Copying of test items or engaging in academic dishonesty of any kind may result in zeroing of test grades, failure of the course or dismissal according to Florida Tech’s academic honesty policy. NOTE: We encourage the discussion of test questions, for clarification and further learning, through the proper channel (i.e., through private communication with your co-instructor). However, in these communications, you must not refer directly to the wording of the test item. Please refer to the item number, and state your question, confusion, or issue with the item, and we will look it up and provide further clarification. Testing Environment, Testable Information: Each unit test should be taken in one, uninterrupted sitting at a time a place that is conducive to learning (i.e. not while operating a motor vehicle). Students may not stop and restart a test. Time limits apply for all unit tests. See test
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BEHP 5011 Syllabus OCT 2019_ 9_13_19_BE 14 instructions in Canvas for more information on time limits. Students must be able to respond to test items accurately and with fluency (quickly). Once the time limit is exceeded, the test will automatically be submitted even if the test is not completed. Tests will be based on the objectives covered by the interactive videos and instructional Online meeting and/or the readings that are assigned prior to the test, but may also include material covered earlier in the course.
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