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He smiled and responded by saying mr gardner im just

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and 10 years probation instead of life sentence. He smiled and responded by saying, “Mr. Gardner, I’m just speechless. After what you have gone through and what I have done to your family, you still put your anger to the side, and forgive me. I am greatly indebted to you.” “I also learned a valuable lesson today, that revenge and getting even is the wrong thing to do. If you were put in prison longer, it wasn’t going to mean that I would’ve gotten my family back. I also notice that you have realized your mistake. And you have your whole life ahead of you, so it would be a crime to steal that from you. I have also learned that to forgive, you need to set aside all anger. Not only do you get forgiven, but I also in a way get my freedom back; my freedom to go back to do the things I used to do and live a normal life instead of dwelling on things from the past. And you are no different from any other human being, so I believe that you deserve every right to live as any other person would.” I had really learned a great deal from this short experience. Even though I lost my family, I learned how to forgive.
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