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Loewen makes it clear by stating perhaps i do not

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where we are as a society and what is in store for us as we improve on our history. Loewen makes it clear by stating, “Perhaps I do not need to convince you that American history is important. More than any other topic, it is about us . Whether one deems our present society wondrous or awful or both, history reveals how we arrived at this point. Understanding our past is central to our ability to understand ourselves and the world around us. We need to know our history, and according to C. Wright Mills, we know we do. (Loewen 5) In paragraph 14 Loewen mentions, “None of the facts is remembered, because they are presented simply as one damn thing after another. While textbook authors tend to include most to the trees and all too many twigs, they neglect to give readers even a glimpse of what they might find memorable.” (14) I don’t understand the reasoning for reading The Truth About the First Thanksgiving, except for making his positioning stronger. 4. I’m interested with how they both were able to articulate our methods of learning through ignorance. As a student, which we all have been and continue to be, we have entrusted our teachers, mentors, and literatures to guide us though completion. We will retain the information needed for success, and make space for new learning with the information we only needed for a short period of time. Loewen’s essay about our history is a great example for my schooling. I truly care not to read about history, but enjoy watching documentaries, visiting museums, and traveling to old battle grounds. Freire, Paulo. "The Banking Concept of Education." Trans. Array Pedagogy of the Oppressed. New York: Continuum, 1993. Print. James W. Loewen. “From Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong”. From Inquiry To Academic Writing. 2d ed. Greene and Lidinski. Boston. Bedford/St.Martin’s
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