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15 draw a sketch of the three types of survivorship

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15. Draw a sketch of the three types of survivorship curves. Explain what each curve illustrates about the organisms’ life spans. Provide an example of an organism that exhibits each type of survivorship curve. 16. Compare and contrast exponential growth vs. logistic growth. Draw a graph of each and provide examples of populations which show the types of growth. Be sure to label carrying capacity (K) on your logistic growth graph. 17. List some density-dependent factors that may limit population growth. List some density-independent factors that may limit population growth. 18. Create a chart to describe the interspecific interactions. Include four columns; the interaction, the effect on one species, the effect on the other species and an example. Include the following interactions: competition, predation, herbivory, parasitism, mutualism and commensalisms. Use the symbols “+” and “ - –“ to indicate the effect on each species. 19. Given the picture below, describe the process of ecological succession occurring in each frame. 20. How does primary succession differ from secondary succession? Which is shown in the picture above? 21. Why is an ecosystem’s net primary production lower than its gross primary production? Why is a pyramid of production a good way to depict the flow of energy through the trophic levels? 22. Illustrate one of the four major biogeochemical cycles water, carbon, nitrogen or phosphorus and explain how your actions contribute to your chosen cycle. 23. Explain, compare and contrast energy flow and nutrient cycling in an ecosystem. 24. Describe three or four ways the human population is disrupting ecosystem dynamics and the detrimental effects. 25. What is global warming? What are its causes and what can humans do to ameliorate the situation?
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