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Of time at work at the work site and waddell and

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of time at work at the work site, and Waddell and Graves dividing the contractors fee, the judgment for Valiga was affirmed. If people attempt to organize a corporation but their efforts are so defective that not even a corporation by estoppel is found to exist, the courts have generally held such persons to be partners with unlimited liability or the contracts and torts of the business. (Mallor, pg. 1058) The case was interesting in the fact that work was conducted on Valida’s home. I understand the materialsman lien on the property by Christmas Lumber; they wanted their money owed to them. I believe the courts decided correctly. There are many crooks in the housing business and are only looking to making a fast dollar. It happened to me in 2008; I won a judgment against my builder and still have not collected the $6000 that is owed to me. I was told the state of Texas is one of the hardest states to collect money from. Mallor, J., Barnes, A. J., Bowers, L. T., & Langvardt, A. (2013). Business Law, the Ethical, Global, and e-Commerce Environment. McGraw-Hill/Irwin.
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