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Megacarriers freight transport companies that provide

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MegaCarriers – freight transport companies that provide several shipment modes. Intermodel Transportation – 2 or more transportation modes used in combination. Freight Forwarders – specialized agencies that provide alternate forms of transportation coordination. Manufacturer Wholesaling - producer does not rely on an independent firm to perform the wholesaling functions, but does it through its own sales branches and offices. Sales branches are manufacturer -owned middlemen, and sales offices are
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manufacturer-owned operations that provide services normally associated with agents. Sales branches, which fall under Manufacturers' wholesalers, are manufacturer-owned middlemen who sell products and often support the manufacturer's sales force. Sales branches act as middlemen, and perform the associated wholesale functions, such as promotion, extending credit , transporting goods, etc. . The 2 types of Manufacturer Wholesaling 1. Sales branches - manufacturer 2. Sales offices - manufacturer-owned operations that provide services normally associated with agents . Sales offices differ in that they are like manufacturer-owned agents. Merchant Wholesalers (aka: Jobbers & Distributors) - are independently owned wholesalers that take title to goods and assume the risks associated with ownership. Make up about two-thirds of all wholesalers. 2 main types of merchant wholesalers 1. Full service Merchant Wholesalers - middlemen who offer the widest possible range of wholesaling functions, and can be broken down into general merchandise, limited-line, and specialty-line wholesalers. Divided into three categories depending on how wide of a product line they carry, from general merchandise wholesalers with a wide product mix but limited depth, to specialty -line wholesalers, with a narrow, but deep product mix. 2. Limited service Merchant Wholesalers - Provide only some marketing services and specialize in a few functions. Take title to merchandise, but they provide a very limited set of wholesaling functions. For example, many of them do not extend credit or transport goods. Include cash-and-carry wholesalers, drop shippers, and mail-order wholesalers. Rack Jobbers are Full-Service Merchant Wholesalers who own and maintain their own display racks in supermarkets and drugstores. Fall under the category of "specialty-line" wholesalers. They send out delivery persons to set up displays, keep them stocked, maintain records, etc. The retailers only have to furnish the space. Web site can serve a variety of marketing functions, including customer support, promotion, collection of consumer information, and even distribution. This versatility makes it an excellent marketing tool. Types of Limited Service Merchant Wholesalers:
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MegaCarriers freight transport companies that provide...

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